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Spinal Dysraphisms

Spinal dysraphisms are considered congenital anomalies of development of the spine and spinal cord. These conditions occur during development in the womb and are usually recognised at birth. Each type can have different characteristics and may require treatment. Here is more information about some types of spinal dysraphisms and treatment options: 1. Meningocele and meningomyelocele: […]

Pediatric Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus is a condition in which cerebrospinal fluid accumulates in the brain ventricles. This accumulation can cause pressure and enlargement within the brain, which leads to various symptoms. Treatment of hydrocephalus usually varies depending on the causes of obstruction or impaired fluid circulation and may include the following treatment options: 1. Shunt Placement: This is […]

Pediatric Brain Tumors

Childhood brain tumours account for a significant proportion of tumours in children and their treatment often requires a multidisciplinary approach. Below, we provide more information about some important types of childhood brain tumours and treatment options: 1. Medulloblastoma: Medulloblastomas are usually located in the posterior pit of the brain, known as the posterior fossa. These […]

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