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Slipped disc is a spinal problem defined as the slipping of one of the vertebrae on another vertebra.This can occur for various reasons, such as the aging process, degenerative changes, trauma or hereditary factors.Here is important information about slipped discs:Definition:Lumbar spondylolisthesis refers to the displacement of the vertebrae from their normal position.This often results in a narrowing of the spinal canal and can cause problems such as low back pain, leg pain and nerve compression.Symptoms:Symptoms of a slipped disc can vary from person to person, but can often include
– Low back pain: The most common symptom is pain felt in the lower back.
– Leg pain: Pain, numbness or tingling sensation in the legs can occur if the slipped disc presses on the nerve roots.
– Leg weakness: Muscle weakness in the legs may occur due to nerve compression.
– Incontinence of urine and faeces: In rare cases, if it presses on the spinal cord, there may be problems with urine or faecal control.

Causes:The causes of slipped disc may be the following:
– Ageing: Degenerative changes can affect the discs between the vertebrae, leading to slipped discs.- Trauma:Trauma to the spine can cause the vertebrae to slip.
– Genetic factors: Family history can increase the risk of slipped discs.

Treatment Options:
Treatment for slipped discs may vary depending on the severity of symptoms, the patient’s lifestyle and other factors. Treatment options may include:

1. Medical Treatment:Medications may be used to relieve symptoms. These medications may help reduce pain, inflammation or nerve compression.

2. Physiotherapy: Physiotherapists may recommend exercises and therapies to strengthen the lower back muscles, correct posture and relieve pain.

3. Injections: Epidural steroid injections can be used to reduce nerve compression.

4. Surgical Intervention: In severe cases and if other treatment methods do not work to relieve your symptoms, a surgical intervention may be required.Surgical options may include spinal fusion and disc replacement surgery.

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