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What is Pain Battery?
Pain battery is a device that works by placing a thin electrode at the back of the spinal cord. This electrode can reduce or block pain signals by changing or blocking nerve impulses.

Who Does It Apply To?
Pain battery is generally applied to patients with chronic pain. It can especially help patients who have undergone back surgery and have ongoing pain after surgery, and patients who have pain after spinal cord injury.

Does It Completely Eliminate Pain?
The purpose of the pain battery is to reduce the patient’s pain by at least 50%. Pain may disappear completely in some patients, but it is not possible to achieve the same results in every patient.

How to Integrate?
Pain pacing can be placed in the patient’s body in two different ways: epidural electrode placement or surgical placement of electrodes on the spinal cord. The second method requires a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. The electrodes are connected to a battery placed under the skin.

How to Use?
Patients can choose between regular batteries or rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries must be charged externally at regular intervals. Battery life may vary depending on the type of battery used.

Does it stop drug use?
The purpose of the pain battery is to reduce patients’ long-term use of painkillers. Medication use may be reduced or discontinued depending on the effects of the pain battery.

Is There a Trial Period?
Yes, patients are first fitted with a trial battery. During this period, the patients’ electrodes are placed outside the body and the effects of the pain battery are evaluated. If the patient is satisfied, a permanent battery can be inserted.

How is it used in Türkiye and the World?
Pain battery applications are performed successfully in Turkey and around the world. It offers a promising treatment option, especially for patients with chronic pain. There are patients in Turkey who know about the pain battery, but it is important that the public be more informed.

In conclusion, the pain battery is an effective treatment method that can help some patients with chronic pain. However, it may not be suitable for every patient and a detailed evaluation should be made before application.

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