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Scoliosis treatment can vary depending on the patient’s age, degree of curvature, symptoms and the type of deformity in the spine. New generation scoliosis treatments aim to improve the healing process of patients by using more minimally invasive approaches. Here are some of these new generation scoliosis treatment methods:

1. Tethered Scoliosis Surgery (VBT – Vertebral Body Tethering) This method aims to correct the spine using a minimally invasive approach. It is applied with thoracoscopic surgery. Screws and wires are inserted into the spine through small incisions. These wires are stretched to straighten the vertebral bones and allow the spine to grow naturally. This method preserves mobility while straightening the spine and can speed up recovery after surgery.

2. Magnetically-controlled Growing Rods (MCGR) This method is used to treat childhood scoliosis. During the initial surgery, screws and growing rods are inserted into the spine. The rods can then be extended using a magnetic control device. In this way, the spine is corrected as it grows. MCGR does not require regular postoperative surgical procedures and allows for adjustment as the spine grows.

3. Thoracoscopic Spine Surgery (VATS – Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery) This method performs spine surgery using a minimally invasive approach. The thoracic (back) spine is accessed through a small incision. This approach can be used to insert screws into the vertebral bodies, to correct scoliotic curvature, or to insert mobile implants with threaded systems. VATS offers advantages such as faster recovery, less pain and shorter hospital stays.

These new generation scoliosis treatment methods offer significant advantages over traditional open surgery in terms of being less invasive and allowing patients to normalise their lives faster. However, the most appropriate treatment method for each patient may vary depending on their specific condition and the degree of scoliosis. Scoliosis treatment should be tailored to the specific needs of the patient by a multidisciplinary healthcare team.

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