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  • Pain originating from the spine is among the most common causes of pain in the society.
  • Pain due to lumbar herniated discs and cervical herniated discs often respond very well to conservative treatment (non-surgical treatment options).
  • Recently, we have been able to perform injection treatments for many spine-related pains under ultrasound guidance without any radiation to the patient.
  • Transforaminal Injections, Facet Joint Injections, Epidural Injections are now successfully performed under ultrasound guidance in clinical office conditions.
  • The most important detail in pain originating from the spine is to understand whether this pain is really originating from the spine with a careful examination.
  • If the pain is of spinal origin, the majority of these pains are nowadays treated with ultrasound guidance.
    In our centre, injection therapies are successfully performed as a non-surgical treatment option for pain originating from the spine.
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