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Endoscopic Discectomy is a spine surgery procedure that uses endoscopic surgical techniques to treat or remove a specific spinal disc (intervertebral disc).This procedure is commonly used to treat problems caused by spinal discs, such as low back pain or pinched nerves.Endoscopic discectomy offers a less invasive option than traditional open surgery and allows patients to recover faster.During this procedure, an endoscope (a thin tube) and specialised surgical instruments are inserted into the spine area through a small incision or skin hole. The endoscope is used to better visualise the spinal cord and nerves, while the surgical instruments are used to remove or correct the problematic disc.Endoscopic discectomy is an effective method of treating herniated discs, disc degeneration and other spinal disc problems.

This procedure usually allows patients to experience a shorter hospital stay and less postoperative pain. However, it may not be suitable for every patient and surgical requirements may vary depending on the patient’s condition.Therefore, the advice and assessment of a neurosurgical specialist is necessary for this type of surgical procedure.

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